Thursday, November 8, 2012

Before and after/ Revisiting our Home DIY projects. Part I

Well, everyone, it is Thursday!
We almost survived another week! LOL

We are two weeks away from Thanksgiving and, I don't know about you, 
but I am running like a crazy person! :)

Not only I am trying to get everything ready for our Holiday dinner,
but I am also trying to get all my Christmas decor planned and, at the same time,
I am trying to finish all the projects and crafts that I started two weeks ago.

Anyway, I am taking a step back from all of it today and 
I thought I take the time to put a little post together.
Today, I am sharing some before and afters of our many 
DIY home improvement projects.

We have been very, very busy! 
Although we try to give ourselves a couple of weeks between projects 
to recuperate and let our bodies heal from all the aches and pains, LOL I have to say, there is always something going on in our home.

Is either spray painting, framing and painting walls, adding molding,
putting in floors, building furniture.... you name it, we have done it.
Here are a few samples.

I always wanted to have a home library!
Reading is one of my passions, so when we moved into this home,
we finally had the extra space to make that dream come true.
This was one of our very first projects.

Added molding to the inside of our front entrance and
we built a new hall table.

I tried my hand at stenciling a wall for the first time.
That was scary! LOL

We completely remodeled our laundry room

We converted our upstairs game room into a larger bedroom for our daughter.
This was a space nobody ever used and I don't believe in wasted space
To be able to do so, we had to enclose the room and added double doors. 
Now, that was a project! LOL

 And, just recently, I painted and stenciled her Armoire

In the family room, we built a mantle.

I made outdoor curtains for our back porch out of painters drop cloth and we gave the porc h a new look look by adding tile and building a new railing and privacy screens.
Now, this is a space we really enjoy.

We sprayed painted an old headboard with ORB
and used it for our son's room

Our spare bedroom is being turned into a craft room.
We painted walls, ripped out the carpet
and we installed hardwood floors.

And on the stairwell, we added chair rail,molding and painted.
Our next project in this space is going to involve taking off the carpet and replacing the steps with hardwood. We also hope to be able to stain the banister to a darker color.

This is it for today!
I decided to do this post in two parts, just too many pictures.
I hope this post gives you the inspiration to try to do your own DIY projects.
That is how I get myself in trouble all the time!
Too much inspiration in blogland! :)

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the rest of your week

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  1. Your house is looking so nice! Congrats!



  2. Wow! Maria, seeing it all in one post makes you realize just how busy you really have been! You and your hubs do outstanding work, you should be very proud!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  3. Your home is just gorgeous, Maria! You guys have done so many projects to make it your own and it all looks fabulous!! I hear ya about the running around. We will have about 20 people here for Thanksgiving. I too am trying to get my decor planned out but we shall see if that actually happens lol! I am running around every day with a list of things to do on top of doctors appointments time is FLYING!

  4. You've made some beautiful updates to your already beautiful home, Maria Elena! Being a book fiend, I am in love with those bookcases.

  5. Magnifica casa !
    Ma come fate ?
    Siete bravissimi !!!
    Myriam :)

  6. Oh my gosh Maria Elena!!! I cannot decide which project is my favorite. They are ALL so beautiful. I was getting tired just thinking about all the work involved here. BUT soo worth it. You and your husband are a very talented couple.

    All of your projects are classy and elegant; they each add so much to your home. Just Beautiful!

    Have a great weekend
    Sincerely, Jeannette

  7. The changes you have made are stunning and add your own personality to your beautiful home! I love seeing the transformations. And I love your energy! Keep up the good work...I have no doubt that you will be ready and waiting for the holiday season with open arms!


  8. You have been busy little bees, for sure! Your home is always so warm & inviting.

  9. Maria, gorgeous photos of all you have done in Part I. I can hardly wait to see Part II and beyond that. You are your husband are a great team. My neck hurts thinking about that stencil you had to use in the dining room. Everything is fabulous. Thanks for sharing it with us. Helen

  10. You have a very beautiful home, and looking at all of your pictures has inspired me to stop dragging my heels, and to get on with some projects I have been planning.

  11. You truly have such a beautiful home, Maria Elena! You and your hubby certainly have been busy, and it all looks stunning. I love the stenciling you've done -- gorgeous!

  12. Oh my goodness, your house is fabulous and all of your projects are unreal. Love them all. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  13. Wow you really have been busy! You have a beautiful home. I have always wanted a home library, yours looks so beautiful I bet you spend lots of time curled up on the chair with a great book :) Im insanely jealous!

  14. Those are all fantastic improvements. Your home is gorgeous.

  15. You have put so much hard work into making this house your home. What a great job! Love, love the library! Thanks for sharing it with Share Your Cup.

  16. Sure pays to invest in home improvement projects, especially the simple ones you can do yourself! I've found HouseLogic to be a good resource for helping me figure out DIY projects - anyone know of any other sites??


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