Friday, October 27, 2017


Hello everyone!
Lately I can not find the time to sit down and write a post to save my life . :)
In the last few weeks life has been extremely busy and all I can think is that, if it is like this now, what it will be like when the holidays arrive. 

I am trying to keep up and take one day at a time, so before something else happens that requires my attention, I want to share with you all some fall decor in our breakfast room and how we made a little centerpiece for the table.

One of the first changes I made was to add to the table these pretty placemats I found at HomeGoods.
They go perfect with the buffalo check curtains and I only paid $7.00 for the set. 

I created a small centerpiece using items I already had and a small homemade tray that I asked my husband to build for me. It is just a simple rectangular tray. 

I gave it first a coat of oil rubbed bronze paint and finished it with a color I already had in the garage, Natural Tan by SW.  When it was dry, I distressed it some to show some of the ORB paint underneath.

To finish it I made some handles using some unfinished wood beads from Michaels and a little twine. 
You can find the beads here
Don't forget to use your coupon! :)

To decorate the tray, I used items I already had at home.
First I added the three metal buckets from the set that I bought over the summer filled with moss.

You can see them on the next picture how I used them on the mantle.

I added to them some pretty little orange flowers I had and placed on top some fabric pumpkins.
The pumpkins I bought at Target dollar section for $1.00 each.

A few acorns, a small sign I had and some of the little candles I bought at Dollar Tree last year 
completed the centerpiece.

On the chairs I decided to use the stenciled pillows I made years ago.

And just a couple of weeks ago, we purchased a new sisal rug for this area.

It is the same as the one we have on the entrance hall, only larger. You can find it here

And this is how I decorated our breakfast area for the new season using things I already had and only spent about $5.00 on the three pumpkins and the wood beads for the tray handles.

I hope this post gives you the inspiration to create new decor for your home using things you already have.
I will be back soon with another simple and economical centerpiece idea you can use for you Thanksgiving table.

 Thank you all for visiting.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So glad you had a few minutes to share this with us! The centerpiece you and your hubby created looks perfect for the table - just the right size and you've filled it with those terrific pots and pumpkins. Great score on the placemats and the stenciled pillows add a lovely touch to the space.

  2. I love your tray! Especially the cute handles. I would not have thought to do it that way, but I really love it!

  3. It looks great, Maria Elena. I am with you- use what you have and love and it will always work. Those place mats are a perfect match for your curtains. Great match!
    Enjoy your fall- I hear you about being busy--same here. xo Diana

  4. Beautiful!! Yay! I love the long box your husband made, you will find so many uses for it!

    I am feeling the crunch of the holidays coming, too, Maria. I am having this virus over and over, and it depletes my energy. I have a few hours a day when I can get the basics done. One thing that helps with blogging, is to upload pictures to the blog just as I take them (and edit, if you do that). When you have the time to sit down and write, half the work is done. Maybe that will keep you ahead.

    The table setting is beyond gorgeous, and I have to see if those placemats are still available...perfect!

  5. It all looks amazing! Love those little buckets, they are so versatile and can be used in so many ways! I hope you get a few more specks of time to share with us:)

  6. Oh, my word, ME - how GORGEOUS! Your well thought-out design is perfection.

    Everything works so cohesively together. Just beautiful.

    And your hubs- what a talented fella! He could make them and sell them!!!!!

  7. The tray looks great and I love the rug too! Happy Fall!

  8. Maria, it looks great. The wooden bead handles are inspired! I know exactly what you mean about being busy. I too can't imagine what the holidays are going to be like if I'm this busy now. I had plans of posting two to three times this week and I posted zero times. Ha! I am way behind in reading and answering comments too...oh boy. Glad to hear I'm not alone! Enjoy your lovely kitchen!!

  9. Looks so great. Could not beleve it is all DIYs. Thanks for sharing this table centerpiece DIY idea.


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