Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Hello everyone.
I hope your week is going well.
Life has been busy around here, but what's new. :)
We have been working on our outdoor areas for a long while now and little by little everything is getting finished 
and finally coming together.

Our outdoor dining area has come a long way and although we still have to build the outdoor kitchen one of these days when it stops raining and add a few final touches, it is already finished enough for us to be able to enjoy 
a nice meal outdoors.

 Come on out so you can see what we have done so far.

We bought the dining table and chairs last year when we purchased the porch seating set
Both sets are from the same La-z-boy collection and we kept it all stored until the deck was finished.

About three months ago we bought the pergola at Lowe's.

And a couple of weeks after we found this brand new wrought iron chandelier at our local Habitat center for $10.00 and turned it into a solar chandelier for the pergola.

It is nice to see it light up on its own every evening when the sun goes down.

At the beginning of Spring, I made some new pillow covers.

And created a small centerpiece using a galvanized round tray I found at Ross and items I already had at home.
I am still waiting to add a runner or placemats until it stops storming every day.


And when we thought we were done, I found these.

Joann's had them on sale for a while at $8.99 a set, regular $29.99, so I couldn't leave them behind. 

My husband installed a new outdoor outlet on the side of the house, added the lights to the pergola, run an extension cord through the inside of the pergola leg and under the deck and before I knew it, my lights were up and running.
He even added to them a small switch to turn them on and off very easily.

I just love the ambiance the new lights give the eating area.
I took these pictures the other day after another one of our daily storms. :(

I will keep you all updated as we continue working on our outdoor areas, but for now we are just enjoying 
the fruit of all our hard work.

 Thank you all so much for visiting and for your wonderful comments. They mean so much to me!
See you all soon!

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  1. M.E!!! Your outdoor dining area is awesome! Oh I absolutely love the lights, and everything is so fresh and wonderful!

    You both did a remarkable job. Now - may I please bring a nice bottle of wine so we can sit there and watch the day end together and enjoy it all? : - )

  2. What a lovely way to dine alfresco, Maria Elena! Everything turned out so beautiful and serene! Love it!

  3. What a beautiful space to dine! I love the chandelier. I think it's so charming to have one outside. Lucky you!! :)

  4. Maria Elena, your outdoor space looks great! I'm sure it beautiful at night, as well. The solar lighting was such a great idea! I bet you are really enjoying your space. It's wonderful!

  5. I love your outdoor areas! The pergola is so pretty! We have one similar, but our cover is starting to get moldy and old and I'm thinking we should try to replace the cover with one like this. I wonder if we could get a replacement cover for ours. I'll have to look at Lowe's. Your lighting is so pretty and I adore the solar chandelier! What a deal you got on it!

  6. Loving your space! You guys did a beautiful job. It reminded me to take a trip out to Restore and see what goodies I can find :-)
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Christine! It has been a lot of work but it is finally coming together.
      Have a great weekend! Maria

  7. Maria Elena,
    Your NEW Outdoor Dining Ara almost tempt's me to come outside, dear friend!
    I love the new pergola from Lowe's is a welcome sight in the Summer heat!

    1. Thank you Pat. I know what you mean! The temps have been high here also and with the worst humidity from all the rain. Have a wonderful weekend. Maria

  8. Hi! Your outdoor area turned out just beautiful! I love the blue flowers that add a pop of color! And your solar chandelier is so neat! Enjoy! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Nancy

    1. Thank you! We have had so much rain that I have not been able to do much planting this year, so I had to use some faux flowers to cheer up the place a little. LOL Have a great weekend! Maria

  9. You guys did a beautiful job on this. Love how you converted the chandelier to solar! Love the cute accent lights- there are so many cute ones these days it's hard to decide which one to go with!

  10. What a lovely space to enjoy the summer months!! I love what you've done!!

  11. You all did such a wonderful job on everything Maria! I would have to say though that the lights are my favorite part of the dining area. They really make the atmosphere so comfortable and welcoming. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Just fabulous! I love the lighting you added the most, mine seriously needs a good dose of that!

  13. Your new outdoor dining area looks wonderful and coordinates so well with the seating area. The rugs you have in both places are terrific. Those outdoor lights look like a perfect match for your solar chandelier - there is nothing like the ambiance they provide. I hope your weather improves soon both so you can enjoy the space and so you can add the table runners, etc that we are dying to see! :)

  14. It looks incredible! I didn't know you could purchase a pergola; was it a kit? Is it wood or something else? How does it attach to the deck? I am interested in doing something like this!.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. The pergola is made out of steel. Under the legs it comes already prepared to screw it to the deck. So far it has made it through several heavy storms with no problem. We are very happy with this purchase. Here is the link to where we bought ours:

  15. Your outdoor dining area is so pretty, Maria Elena! The chandy is perfect, and I love the galvanized tray. We won't be dining or much of any outdoor things for a few months. The "HEAT" is on, and our temps are creeping into the 115* range but the humidity has been in single digits. I can't seem to slather on enough body cream!
    Cool hugs,


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