Thursday, January 7, 2016


Hello, everyone!
Since I got home from my trip overseas, it seems all I have done is try to catch up.
I was out of commission the first few days since the jet lag had me sleep half of the day and awake all night.
It is really weird when your body wants breakfast at 2:00 AM. :)

I seem to be back to normal now and I have spent the last week getting my home back in order after the holidays.
Although I have made several changes, I don't have all the rooms finished just yet. 
The older I get, the longer it takes me. :)

As I am trying to put some posts together, I realized I had not shared with you the changes I made to our home library right before Thanksgiving. With all the craziness I truly forgot!

It was nothing big, but we did add a new rug to the room.

I had been wanting one for some time, but could not make up my mind. Buying a new rug is a big decision!
I found our new rug at At Home ( old Garden Ridge) and to play it safe, I went with neutral colors.

 On the chair I added a couple of new pillows.

 And the small table I used to have in the living room moved to this room to replace the small round table.

The shelves are more or less the same, although I am always adding new books and updating some of the pictures. Excuse our little dog, she just loves the new carpet! :)
And she has been glued to me since I came back from Spain.

And that is it. This is my favorite room in the house, apart from my craft room, of course. :) 
And this few changes have given the room a much cozier feeling.

 I will be back with more posts to show you all what our home looks after Christmas. Every room feels quite empty.
Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Love the changes and that rug is beautiful! I agree that going with a neutral on something like a huge rug is a good idea.

  2. Perfect choice for the room- a pattern but not too bold. Your built-in bookcases are awesome! I didn't even know you had a dog? As long as I've followed you I don't remember seeing a pet :-)
    I can well imagine that after a big trip like that you were exhausted and getting back into your own time zone must have been a struggle! We felt it after being in Oregon but that was only 5 days!

  3. Every time I see this room, I just drool! Beautiful.

  4. Beautiful room!! The rug is lovely with such great design. Everything has been chosen with love.

  5. So pretty and what a perfect place to kick back and read :)

  6. Happy New Year, Maria! Oh, your library is just so pretty and your new rug looks beautiful! Your entire home is so gorgeous. Glad you're back home.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. It is so pretty and very cozy, Maria! I love seeing bookshelves filled with a mix of treasures and books.

    Warm hugs,

  8. Love the new rug! It has the perfect neutral colors and those pillows are great for a library too! Your little Angel pup is just adorable! Enjoy the weekend!

  9. What a wonderful place to have a cup of coffee and sit with a good book!! And your little furry friend may attach herself to me any time - she's adorable!!

  10. Very nice! I love spending time in our home library. The colors of the rug are great!

  11. Beautiful! The area rug is something I would choose myself, beautiful!. I'm getting a bit more brave with color and patterns. This is the perfect neutral. And your pillows...I love the one that says READ. Did you make these?

    I hope you had a wonderful trip and holiday. I hope you share a bit with us...I've never been to Europe!

    Thanks for your visit. I know my grandchild and yours are a huge blessing!

    Jane x

  12. Precioso hogar... thank you for sharing it


  13. The rug is perfect in your beautiful space!


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