Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 So much happening around here! Been so busy preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. 
Can you believe I am almost done? Yay! :)

I had to start early this year, everything has to be finished before the first week of December. After that, I am traveling to Spain to spend some glorious days in Madrid with my dear parents. Can not wait! :) I will be back home to Texas just in time to sit down for Christmas dinner, so all my holiday decor, meal planning and gift shopping has to be finished before I leave.

 And with all this going on, I forgot I had not pre-planned on any kind of centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table.
I did panicked a little and went out to buy something already made. There is only one tiny problem, you can NOT find any stores anymore that carry any Fall decorations. 
That is when I fully panicked. LOL
Thanksgiving is in a few days, I have many guest coming and I have no centerpiece for my table. Seriously? 

I had to come up with a plan quickly. Then I remembered the tablescape our dear blogging friend Lori at Dining Delight shared with us a few weeks ago. Her centerpiece was so easy to put together but with beautiful results.
Thank you, Lori! Here is what I came up with.

First thing I did was go to the Habitat center and buy a narrow, but long cabinet door. It cost me a whole dollar. :)
I brought it home, painted it and added to it two pretty knobs from Hobby Lobby.
Sorry, no before pictures. I forgot! LOL

I used two leaf stems I had and tied them together in the center with a burlap bow I made.
Everything looks better with burlap. :)

 And then I added some more Fall picks I had still leftover in my Fall tub.

At this point, I knew it needed something else, I wanted the little tea lights but the only place I could find them was Amazon and they were not going to be here on time unless I spent a horrific amount of money on overnight shipping.

A little frustrated and panicked at this time, I decided to just wait and I went to Dollar Tree to buy some Christmas wrapping paper and guess what I found there?
Yes! The little glass tea lights in three different sizes!

I just love them and I am so glad I did not rush and bought them online.
And here is my finished product. 

I am in the process of making a runner for my new dining table, which, BTW, I will share with you soon.
Meanwhile, I added some little felt feet to the bottom of the tray to prevent scratches.

What do you all think? Is it a keeper?
I hope it will work with the placemats I made for our Thanksgiving celebration.
  The next few weeks will be very busy and I may not be able to spend too much time on my blog. 
I have to finish all the Christmas preparations and decorate the house before my trip, but I will stop by as often as I can with a post or two.
I hope you all understand.

 See you all soon!


  1. What a marvelous centerpiece! It looks so pretty with just the right amount of items, colour combo and the stemmed tealight holders are gorgeous (yay Dollar Store!). I'm honoured and flattered that you said you found inspiration from one of my blog posts - this looks like the upscale version of what I did! Terrific idea to put it on the DIY tray you made! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and for sure, we understand if you need to concentrate on "real life" and may be away from your blog. Enjoy your trip to Spain too!

  2. Oh my word, you did an amazing job - now if you call THAT last minute, I am done-fer! LOL.

    It is AWESOME - wow - enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast at your beautiful table, ME! Hugs!

  3. So beautiful! Your centerpiece turned out great, and I will be at the Dollar tree tomorrow to see if they have those glass tea light holders. You have inspired me. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. You are simply amazing, Maria. I'm so impressed you put this gorgeous centerpiece together at the "last minute." You remind me of my daughter, who has a knack for shopping and finding the perfect things at the perfect price. Those tea lights at the dollar store? Incredible find and they look so perfect! What's really amazing, though, is that you took the time to go to the habitat store, buy a door, paint it, and put handles on it. And all of this while preparing for a big trip and Christmas. Your energy, talent, and creativity are truly inspiring. I hope you can relax for an evening (well, as much as any of us do while putting on a feast), enjoy your beautiful family, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I love that centerpiece! It's perfect with the fall foliage, candles and burlap. Putting it on the tray makes sense too. It keeps it all together and can be removed easily as well. I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow with your family!

  6. I love your centerpiece! You did such a good job putting it all together and the burlap is the perfect touch! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!


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