Friday, September 18, 2015


As you already know, the mantle and I have a small fight every time it is time to decorate it. :)
I know you can't really tell in the pictures, but it is very high.
 Just the thought of having to use the ladder it is enough for me to think about it twice any time 
I want to make changes.

You see, the ladder and I are not good friends at all and I have actually fallen out of it a couple of times in the last few years LOL, sooo, after several hours of up and down with my arms full of pumpkins and breakable items, 
(praying the whole time), I am now finished decorating our mantle for Fall and I am not changing a thing! LOL 

As you can see, I did not buy anything new, but used all the items I have collected in the last few years.
 I did start by decorating the center to which I added a small stand with a ceramic pumpkin and a Fall garland.

 On each side I added my old urns and the faux leaves I bought at Kirklands several years ago.

 On the left side they got paired with an old set of candle holders and a leaf plate.

On the other end you will find the same plate and a glass container than during the Summer time was full of sea shells and now holds pumpkins and pine cones.

 The hearth is simple, just a pillow, another ceramic pumpkin and the harvest frame I purchased last year.

 And that is it!
I know it is simple. but I think just enough to make the family room feel warm and cozy.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Maria Elena, your mantel always looks amazing! Hope your San Antonio fall is beautiful. ;)

  2. It's gorgeous and I totally love that pillow on the hearth too.

  3. It's worth getting out the ladder and creating a new look for your mantle...beautiful!!!

  4. Love this! Yes please stay off the ladder if you fall easily! I like the way you set that leaf over the edge on there and the other two leaves standing up. The Harvest Blessings picture is perfect and I love the pillow! I just did my mantel too- keeping it simple.

  5. Ohhh, so excited to have found your blog! Really look forward to all the creative post here and on Pinterest!

  6. Well, it looks beautiful, Maria Elena, and I wouldn't change a thing either!

  7. Your mantel looks beautiful, Maria Elena! The warm fall colors accent the beauty of the stonework perfectly. Well worth the ladder climbing! :)

  8. Your mantel looks lovely; your fall decorations are so charming. I don't know if I told you or not, but your mantel is a huge inspiration to me. Our fireplaces are very similar, except ours has a stone ledge. A month or more ago, I pinned your mantel, because I want my husband to build me a wooden mantel piece to fit over our stone one. I love how yours looks and the warmth that the wood adds to the stone. It is absolutely beautiful:)

  9. Soooo pretty. Your fall mantle is gorgeous.

  10. Your mantel looks fall fabulous! I bet that was a job carrying all those things up and down a ladder! Love the pillow! ~Rhonda

  11. Your mantel looks really great:-) The orange gives a touch of coming fall. It's amazing. Love it:-)

  12. I know you always say you struggle with your mantel, but I always think it looks great! Love your mix of fall colors. So warm and cozy. :)

  13. Your fall mantel looks terrific! Sorry you have to make trips up and down a ladder but it was so worth it! I always love how you add the finishing touch to your displays around the house with fabulous pillows - the one on the hearth with the pumpkin beside it looks fantastic.

  14. Pretty perfect as always Maria Elena!


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