Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The truth is that our back porch furniture are not so new, I am just very late sharing with you all. :)

We purchased two sets during the Memorial Day weekend, the conversation set and dinning table and six chairs. 
During that weekend, they had all the outdoor furniture at 60% off, so we figured it was now or never.

The table is still stored until we finish the deck, but we have been enjoying sitting on our new 
and improved back porch for a couple of months now.
 Come on out and let me show you around.

We decided to purchase the La-Z-Boy Peyton collection.
We loved the mix of metal, wicker and ceramic tops on the tables.

 The outdoor rug we purchased at Garden Ridge, which is now named At Home.

Little by little I have been adding a few decorative turquoise accent pieces.

On the end tables, I used the old solar rope lamps with two new lampshades.

For now, I am using the pillows that came with the set, but if you all know me well, that won't last long. :)
I just made a small stenciled pillow for the loveseat.

And the solar lamps at night provide just the right amount of lighting to enjoy an evening on the porch. 

The deck area is coming along beautifully. More to come on that.
Thank you all for taking the time to visit and always leave me such wonderful comments.

See you all soon!



  1. Oh my goodness,, Maria Elena - I think it is PERFECT. Seriously with your stone wall back ground - every single thing is spot on incredible. I LOVE this. I would copy it exactly if I could! Wow. I'm serious, this looks like a Ballard Design cataloge page!!!!! Well done!!!

  2. What a wonderful spot to spend leisure time this Summer, day or evening. Your patio furnishings, rug and accessories are perfect Ma. Elena.

  3. That's just beautiful! You are so lucky to have that wonderful deck up there.

  4. The new furniture is perfect! Love your decor too!

  5. Gorgeous! Did you make those pretty lampshades?

  6. So classy and I love the rug you chose! Enjoy every moment with it!

  7. This is so pretty and comfortable looking, Maria. Is that the lamp you made---it looks so cozy in the evening shots! I really love your rug, too. What a beautiful view. Do you have a lot of bugs at night? we do in the Midwest---just wondering.

    Thanks for your visits, they mean so much to me! :)

    Jane x

  8. So beautiful! I love your outdoor furniture and rug. What a nice, cozy and relaxing outdoor space you have to enjoy. Great job!

  9. What a gorgeous space! It looks like a very nice living room out there! Love your new furniture!

  10. What a charming place! No idea Lazboy have ourdoor furniture! It's very nice. Linda


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