Thursday, June 11, 2015


Hello, everyone!
This year we are late getting our back porch cleaned and ready for Summer.

We have had so much rain in the last four months, it has truly made it impossible to do any outdoor projects.
All that rain, really did a number on my drop cloth outdoor curtains.
Such was the case, I had to throw them away and make new ones.

The brand I always buy at Lowes has been discontinued, so I tried a new brand from Home Depot, which, by the way, 
I like even more. The texture and color of this drop cloth is just perfect.
And we saved quite a few dollars since, during Memorial Day weekend, we found at Home Depot the double pack 
of drop cloths, at $10.00 a pair.
And they were the exact size I needed, so no sewing involved in this project. :)

I took all the grommets off the old curtains and installed them on the new ones.

Just to make sure they last a little longer, I sprayed them with this new product by Rust-Oleum.
It is a water repelling treatment for any fabric you want to use outdoors.  
The reviews were good, so I hope this product protects them. Only time will tell.

And after all the cleaning and scrubbing, we made a few changes. 
Not ready yet for the reveal, but here is a little preview.

We just hope the rain stays away for a little while so we can finish the new deck area.
Thank you all for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. How neat that the drop cloths were the perfect size already! Love that! Keep us posted on how well that water repellent stuff works. Sounds like a neat product. :)

  2. I just love your patio tile, Maria Elena. The new drapes look lovely, & I hope that new product works. It wouldn't be the rain that would be bad here, it would be the intensity of the sun, and I doubt there is any product for!

  3. How lovely. The drapes look fabulous and I am enjoying the sneak preview. Happy weekend.

  4. 10 for the pair! Nice find and they do look lovely. :)
    (I also bookmarked the tips - I want the never-wet spray.)


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