Thursday, October 23, 2014


You all know I don't normally share food recipes on my blog, but lately I have been "playing" on Pinterest quite a bit and have come across some wonderful and very tasty recipes that I just had to share.

I decided that pinning them was not enough, so for the last three weeks, I have been selecting one of the recipes I have pinned and including it into our weekly menu.

I am no chef, that's for sure, so you will find these meals very easy to make.
The first one I tried was the recipe for Carne Guisada.
It is a Mexican dish that we have enjoyed many times in restaurants, but never made at home until now.
It came out sooo good, even my youngest, which has always been a very picky eater, just loved this meal.

 Carne Guisada

On week #2, I made Chicken A La Gloria.
Never heard of this recipe before, but it was absolutely delicious with its sherry wine sauce, mushrooms 
and Muenster cheese. YUM!

Chicken A La Gloria 

And just this week, we tried this amazing recipe for Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas.
They were as good as the ones you eat in restaurants.

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

And although this is not a dinner recipe, I couldn't close this post without sharing this recipe 
for homemade Sugar Donuts.
I am not sure if this was a good discovery. :) My sweet tooth gets me in trouble every time.
They are sooo delicious! Even my husband asked me to make him some to take to work. :)

Homemade Sugar Donuts

I have placed the links to these recipes under each picture and also their source in case you would like to try them.
I think I will continue to try a new recipe every week.
It is nice to change things up a little once in a while and my family is sure not complaining. LOL

Thank you all for stopping by!
See you soon.



  1. Those all look wonderful! I've been looking for a donut recipe, so I'll have to check that one out too. Thanks for all the links!

  2. Thanks for sharing Maria, I love the chicken recipe to make for my mama next Wednesday when she comes for lunch. We have bigger lunches here and very light dinners...unless we go out for dinner, lol!
    Have a great weekend sweetie.

  3. They all sound very good! I know my Pinterest Food files are packed, but I do try recipes from them quite often. Such a great source of new ideas!

  4. Everything looks dangerously scrumptious, Maria Elena, especially those doughnuts - something I find very difficult to resist! Thanks so much for these pics and recipes! Happy weekend!



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