Friday, July 25, 2014


Happy Friday!
Today I am sharing with you a crazy little project my daughter and I did while she was home on vacation. :)
This is not my usual kind of post, but I just had to share this one with you.

Let me tell you, when she told me what she wanted to do, I thought "no way, no how", but she pulled it off. LOL
I wonder where she gets this "craftiness" from. :)
So here it goes! A simple tutorial on how we changed the look of an old pair of shoes by covering them with fabric.
 We did start with an old pair of black shoes.
She was going to throw them away, because the leather was a bit worn out.

She bought a half a yard of the fabric she wanted to use and a yard of black trim. 
The fabric was on sale at Hobby Lobby, so this project cost her about four dollars.

And she had read somewhere people are doing this with mod podge, but it did not work for us, 
so we used my favorite spray glue. We always have a bottle at home.

First, we cut the fabric in half making sure it was big enough to cover the whole shoe.
We sprayed the top of the shoe first and smoothed and secured the fabric.
It was glued in about two minutes.

Then we cut the fabric in half up to about 1 1/2 inches front the top.

At this point, I put some plastic bags inside each shoe to be able to glue the sides without getting glue 
inside the shoe and once it was secured and had no bubbles, we cut the excess fabric.

Using a Q-tip we applied a little glue around the edges and secured the fabric inside with some pins.
We let them dry completely for about 20 minutes.

We trimmed all the fabric around the shoe and using the glue gun, we added the black trim very carefully.

And you are done!
Not too bad for $4.00. :)

Thank you all for stopping by and have a super great weekend!


  1. Oh my word, how fun is this. Who would have thought.

  2. How fun are these shoes! I love the houndstooth pattern your daughter chose! I would have never thought to cover shoes with fabric. What a fun project! I'd love for you to share these at my Creative Ways Link Party when you get a chance.

  3. Brilliant. I remember the days when we used to dye our own shoes to match our outfits!

  4. Unbelievable Maria Elena! Wish I could be so creative as you!

  5. Well, aren't y'all clever!! I love how they turned out!

  6. Oh wow! I can't believe it! What a wonderfully creative ladies are clever!

  7. Amazing shoe remake... I love the houndstooth fabric you all used.


  8. Very cool! And how creative your daughter is!

  9. Okay, I am truly amazed!! They look great!!! Very creative!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment!!


  10. What a fabulous idea! The shoes turned out great, your daughter is a genius!

  11. Maria, I do believe we all know where your daughter got her ability to make her shoes over. They are beautiful and I know people in Alabama, who would love those shoes this Fall in time for football season!;) Thanks for sharing!


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