Monday, July 7, 2014


Hello everyone!
Today I am sharing with you my latest "adventure". :)
This has been a three week project, but I am proud to tell you, I was able to create 
this gallery wall re-purposing things I already had at home.

I have always loved picture frames and I like to  displayed them in my home with my favorite family pictures.
Through out the years I have changed my frames quite often due to changes in room decor, 
but I always kept my old ones, just in case :) and because of that, I ended up with two big boxes full. 
It was time to put them to good use!
I warn you, this is going to be a long post. :)

Every time I walked by this area in our home, I always thought "got to do something about this", but the days and months went by and it stayed the same.
This is what it looked like. I know, not so good! :)

 This is that same area now.

 To give you an idea, this is the small landing at the top of our stairs, right by the master bedroom and the first thing you see as you walk upstairs.

The long hall table is very old. 
It has been with us for many, many years and has traveled all around the world.
My husband keeps wanting to put it on the curb, LOL, but although is not the prettiest piece of furniture, 
I am really attached to it, so I am keeping it a little while longer.
The first thing I did was update it with a fresh coat of paint.

While it was drying, I made a new stenciled drop cloth runner using the Silhouette Cameo.
You can see that post here.

Then I spent several days choosing the frames I was going to use and painted them in black and silver.
That was a lot of work and when you find yourself at eleven o'clock at night in your pj's spray painting in the garage, 
you know you have a serious problem. LOL
Please tell me I am not the only crazy one!

It took a several days to get them all done and meanwhile, I chose the pictures I wanted to go up on the wall, 
printed them all in black and white and started decorating the table.
On the bottom shelf I added a basket with a pillow, an old family picture and a pretty glass plate.

For the top shelf, I made a second rope lamp.
If you remember,the first one of this set I used as a solar lamp on my back porch. You can see that post here.
I also made for the lampshade a small monogram with our family's initial.

Another old vase was pulled out of the storage closet and I painted it in the same color as the table.
I decorated it with some twine and once again, using my Silhouette, 
I made some burlap flowers to display inside the vase. 

I finished the table top by adding our wedding picture.

 At this point, I had all the frames finished, but first I wanted to create a focal point which I did by using 
another old frame, a bit of drop cloth and some vinyl.

And then I was ready to start arranging pictures on the wall.

 It is the first thing I see every morning when I leave my room and it just makes me smile. :)
The people in those pictures are what I love most in this world.

What do you think? Better? 
I am not going to lie, this was a lot of work. 
I think it probably would of been easier if I just bought everything new, but I had challenged myself to upgrade this area of our home without spending any money and I am happy to say, I did! :)

Thank you all for your visit.
See you soon!



  1. Wow. Your gallery wall looks great! The table looks much better painted white with the runner too, but my favorite pieces are the lamp and burlap flowers. It looks so nice now!

  2. It's definitely better! I love that you did all black and white prints too. Your runner looks great in that spot! I save all my old frames too and I'm always glad I did. :)

  3. FAMILY GALLERY WALL : very good idea I think I'll make reference to my next furniture products.
    Thank you
    Regards,Furniture Jepara Mebel Jepara

  4. What a gorgeous display, Maria Elena! I love your gallery wall!

  5. I love is definately a memory wall! You did good by not having to go buy anything!

  6. This looks so nice, Maria Elena. I really like that you printed them in black and white.

  7. Love it!! Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday!

  8. This looks so amazing! Pinned. Lou Lou Girls

  9. Really looks nice! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.


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