Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hello, everyone!
Just a small post today on a little upgrade we have made to my husband's shop.
As you all know, he has been working most of the winter building cabinets, counters, drawers and getting his space organized little by little. This is a three car garage, so he has had plenty of space to add storage space for his tools.

The only thing he was missing was a water supply, so we fixed that problem a couple of weeks ago.

We purchased a small sink at Home Depot.

You all remember the sink in our laundry room.
Behind that wall is the garage/shop.

He bought all the necessary parts and was able to hook up to the water line from the laundry room 
and run it into the garage.

We used a faucet we already had that was in perfect condition to finish off this project.

This past weekend he finished building all the drawers and we did start painting 
the walls and cabinets during the long Memorial Day weekend. Hope to be finished soon! :)

Thank you all for stopping by and for always taking the time to leave me such sweet comments.
Until next time!


  1. What a great addition, Maria Elena! You're really knocking the projects out! How awesome that your hubby has such a nice workspace!

  2. Maria, you and your husband can do anything and it looks perfect! What a useful location not just for his workshop, but when thirsty from working in the garden, etc.!

  3. That's great that y'all found a way to add a sink in there. Can't wait to see the big reveal of his shop! It looks like it's going to be amazing!!

  4. His shop is turning out wonderfully! I wish we had a sink in the garage where my sweet hubby cleans up after fishing. :-) xo

  5. How nice and I am sure you will enjoy it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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