Thursday, April 10, 2014


Hello everyone!
Another week is just flying by! :)

I would like at this time to say thank you to everyone that linked to Tuesdays at Our Home. 
Thank you for you participation! 
I really appreciate all your visits and comments.

Did you start your Spring cleaning?
I have been doing some of it myself, a room at a time.
Although, this week, I have been concentrating on our floors.
When we built this house, we paid extra money to have all the grout in the house sealed, but, let me tell you, 
I am not sure they did it, or maybe it just doesn't last more than a couple of years.
Whatever the case is, our grout needed some help.
This week, I did some serious grout cleaning. :)

Although I mop our floors twice a week, I have to tell you, the grout wasn't looking all that well, 
specially in the high traffic areas.
 I have been researching to see if it was possible to clean grout without using chemicals.
My youngest son has Asthma and we also have our little dog, so this was important to me.

I finally came across this video on YouTube and I knew this was the way to go.
All you need is a spray bottle with hot water.

 And this power tool, which you can purchase anywhere.
We bought it at Harbor Freight a while back for about $15.00.

 In the video, you will get directions on how to make a little brush attachment for it.

We had some really bad spots, specially the small hallway on front of the door that leads to the garage.
And now, get ready for the ugly truth! LOL

I was very happy to see that, with no scrubbing at all, the dirt was coming right up!
This is right on front of the garage door.