Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Good morning to you all!

We sure have been having some crazy weather in Texas and today I just had to share with you some cuteness! :)

Meet little Angel, our very own "weather vane".
When you see that look on her face, then you know we have a storm coming. LOL 
Never fails!

You see, Angel dos NOT like storms. she is actually terrified of them and it is so crazy how she can sense it coming even before it starts getting cloudy. But sure enough, ten or fifteen minutes later of getting "the look", this is the view of the sky outside our home.

First thing she does is to run for the pantry, but if the pantry door happens to be closed, this is where you will find her. 

And sure enough, in a very short time, it will start pouring rain.
This was our weather yesterday evening.

My poor baby will sit under the desk for as long as it takes, but she won't get out until the storm pass.
She gets so scared that you can even hear her little teeth chattering from the shaking, so all we can do is to "join" her under the desk and stay with her until the storm passes. :)

So that is how we know around here bad weather is on our way! LOL And the result of all this rain is just awful. 
Our humidity levels are to the moon today and it is so very, very hot.
This is what we woke up to. No, it is not dirt on the doors and windows, just terrible humidity. 
You couldn't even see outside the windows.

Hope the sun is shinning for you all!
Tuesdays at Our Home link party is still live and going strong.
You can find it here.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Awww so sweet! It is amazing how in tune animals are with nature!!

  2. What a sweet little Angel you have there! You're such a good "doggie mama" to stay with her under the desk too. :) Some of my friends use those "thunder shirts" for their dogs to ease their fear of thunderstorms, but they've had mixed feelings about them. It worked great for some dogs, but not at all for others. I'm right there with ya on the humidity. Ugh. When I step out of my air conditioned car, my sunglasses fog right up!

  3. I always say there's no rain like Texas rain, so I think your cute pup is pretty smart!

  4. Oh, poor baby! My mom had a dog like this...she just seemed to know when the weather changed. My Milo quivers, too, over the thunder and likes to be right next to me.

    Our humidity is sky high as well, and I just visited a blogger in Georgia and she has the same thing! Seems it's everywhere!


  5. Oh poor Angel! She's a smart little cookie though. What is up with all this crazy weather anyway?

  6. Oh-That poor baby! It is amazing how smart animals are when it comes to something like have that inner sense of storms and things about to happen. Great photos! xo Diana

  7. Thats cute! My last dog did this too. That kind of high humidity wouldn't make my sinuses happy stall!

  8. oh! poor little Angel! he is adorable in those pictures! We have 2 dogs and 1 of them we named it Angel too! (bichon) :-)

  9. Aw, poor Angel! Our weather has been crazy, right?! I do so love the rain, though, cause we need it! The humidity....can take a hike!~~Angela

  10. Oh, poor little baby! You would think that our monsoons here would freak out our cat, but Abby usually just goes to the window to watch. I would love some rain, but we don't have the extreme humidity that you do. Even when the humidity is high for here, it's usually still under 50%. Our monsoon season officially arrived two days ago according to the calendar, but so far no rain & our humidity is in the teens.

  11. Oh, sweet Angel! She is just too cute. I had a golden retriever that I used to call my "canine barometer"-- whenever extreme weather was on the way, she would go down into the basement and hide behind the washing machine. Once the crazy weather actually started, she would be fine, but it was the change in the air pressure before the wind/rain that would make her nervous. I always appreciated the storm warning! :) --Fran


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