Thursday, December 14, 2017


Hello everyone!
Finally a post from me! :)
As you all know, this last month has been extremely busy around here. On November 14th, I traveled to Madrid, Spain to spend two weeks with my mom and it has been non stop since.

This year, Christmas is very different for us. This holiday season has been about choices. I didn't start decorating our home for the holidays right after Thanksgiving or had all my shopping finished many weeks in advance. But that is ok.
I have spent two wonderful weeks of quality time with my elderly mom and I wouldn't change that for anything.
This holiday season has been about choices and I am at peace with the ones I made.

Since I came back and after dealing with a horrible week of jet lag, I have added a few very simple touches of Christmas here and there around our home. 

Come on in!

You all know how much I like to change the decor on the kitchen island, so that was the first thing I did.

The only thing I bought new was this pretty runner at Ross for $9.99 and I used items I already had 
to make a cute vignette.

First I added some Christmas ribbon to my old cake stand and placed on top a glass jar in which I created a little diorama with some little trees and red car ornament I had from last year.
And yes! The snow is sugar. Everyone in the house has asked me that question. LOL I used what I had on hand! 

Next to it I added a frame with a pretty printable I got from Ann at On Sutton Place.
Thank you Ann for such cute free Christmas printables!

A tiny little tree with some ornaments completed the vignette.

The breakfast area is also simple.

I bought a tablecloth at Ross for $8.00 that matched the island's runner and with it I made two pillows for the side chairs. I even had enough fabric to make an extra two pillows for the family room.
Four pillows for $8.00. Not bad!

And since my time has been limited, I left the same centerpiece on the table that I had during the Fall time.
I just replaced the pumpkins for poinsettias.

And I added a fresh plant and the old reindeers to the window seat.

Just a few items to make our kitchen a little mores festive.

I will post again in the next few days to share with you the little bit of decor I have added to the family room 
and front entrance.
Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your day and thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.


  1. Those pillows look so festive. How creative you were to use a tablecloth and economical as well. Your centerpiece looks so pretty on the table.

  2. I hope your mother is doing well, Maria. I know you both will have wonderful memories of your two weeks together.

    You did a great job in your pretty kitchen in spite of being short on time and energy. Your island really steals the show. I love the ribbon on the cake plate and the cute snow globe. My daughter is always threatening to clear everything off my island, it's hard to stop placing my favorite things on it!

    Your pillows are fantastic! What a great idea for using a table runner! I need to come for a visit and you can teach me to sew!

    Happy Holidays,

    Jane x

  3. To me, there's nothing more important than family, especially during the holiday season. I'm glad you were able to spend time with your mother in Spain. Your kitchen is so festive, warm and inviting. Jet lag couldn't possibly keep you down!! :)

  4. Wow, you did a terrific job in "catching up" on your decorating after being away - everything looks fantastic! Love the truck in the "sugar snow"! :)

  5. Beautiful as always! Your kitchen island is always decorated perfectly and I love the idea of using sugar! So glad you got to spend quality time with your sweet mom. Decorating and presents can always wait. Happy Christmas!

  6. Your home looks lovely, as usual. Hoping you are able to enjoy this Christmas season albeit different from how you would normally do things. (I am totally stealing the tablecloth idea!) Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  7. very creative blog.thanks for sharing it.

  8. Love the sugar!! Ha! Now your vignette is truly very, very sweet! Glad you were able to see your mom, Maria. That truly is the most important part of the holidays. xo

  9. Your kitchen is beautiful. Its decorated yet still looks liveable. Very pretty.


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