Friday, December 2, 2016


Hello everyone!
I normally don't do this kind of a post, may be I just need to vent and what better way that with my blogging friends. :) 

Life have been kind if insane around here. I have been absent from blogland more than I like, but my days for the last month have been full of errands, chores and just chaos.
I told my daughter the other day I feel like I am inside the washing machine on the spin cycle. :)
And as you continue reading this post, you will see what I mean.

First, I am very late this year getting our home ready for the holidays. I can very well say that Christmas has sneaked up on me. I have been trying to get our home decorated but it is going slow.

 I have also been trying to finish all the Christmas shopping.
Hard to get into the holiday spirit when you are driving around in your car listening to Christmas music 
with the AC on. :) Somehow, "Jingle Bells" and 80 degree weather doesn't feel right.

 But I am proud to say I am fully done and very happy with all my purchases. Yay!
Now I am concentrating on finishing the last details for our youngest son graduation from college. Steven is graduating with honors. We are so very proud of him!

Almost ready for this happy event!

And if life wasn't busy enough, things started going down hill two weeks before Thanksgiving when we had some severe storms coming through our city and we woke up to this.

 Yeah, that is the result of the brand new roof that was installed just five months ago!
We were so upset!  We paid thousands of dollars for a premium 30 year roof and this is where we are five months down the road. We spent that whole week dealing with more home repairs, roofer, painters, etc...
Will this ever end?

After the repairs, things slowed down for a few days until the Sunday morning before Thanksgiving when our two year old dishwasher decided to call it quits and flood my whole kitchen. The warranty had just expired two months ago.

Needless to say, that by the time all was said and done, it was cheaper to buy a new dishwasher than to repair it. 
So here is the new addition to our kitchen.

We are hoping that is the end of things breaking because right now I have my hands pretty full taking care of my husband. He had a serious dental surgery done this past Wednesday after he went to the dentist for a regular routine check up and they found a large cyst on his jaw. 
 Those two hours I spent in the waiting room all alone were the longest of my life.

He is having a hard time recuperating and we will have the pathology results next week.
Please, keep him in your prayers for good news on the results and for a quick recovery.

But not all is going to be bad news. 
Thanksgiving morning we had the best news ever!
Our son, DIL and baby J arrived at our house with a huge cardboard box. Me, being nosy, first thing I asked was what in the world they were carrying in that huge box?
My daughter in law, said "open it, mom" and when I did, this balloon flew right out of the box.

It is a girl, it is a girl, it is a girl!!!
That is all I could say for the first ten minutes while I gave myself a good cry and made everyone get emotional. LOL 
We were all so happy and excited with the news. 
Our first granddaughter! 
He due date is April 30th, which it also happens to be our daughter's birthday. :) 
We can NOT wait to see her little face!

And now that I let it all out I feel a little better. LOL
I apologize for not stopping by your blogs and comment as much as I would like. I hope things come down soon and our life will get back to normal.
Meanwhile, I wish you all have a wonderful weekend!
Take care



  1. Bless your heart! You've had a lot on your plate.

    First, let me say that I hope your husband is ok and that the pathology report comes back just fine.

    Congratulations on the baby girl. I know that was great news at this point in time.

    That dishwasher and roof...ugh!! Those are just the things that happen when we have a home.

  2. Oh Maria, I am so sorry. I know it's very frustrating when so many things happen at once, and of course, worrying about your husband trumps them all...I will be thinking and praying for you both. Congratulations, babies are wonderful and a little girl will add so much joy to your life I am sure. Let the pink granddaughter crafting begin!! xo

  3. Oh my word, it sounds like you have had enough. Hopefully your hubby gets well soon and in the meantime, just take a deep breath. Sometimes that is all you can do is take a breath and put one foot in front of the other.

  4. Well I can certainly understand your frustration with all that's been going on. I sincerely hope and pray that your huband's cyst will be nothing to worry about. I hope he will feel better soon- oral surgery is difficult. Congratulations on your Granddaughter! Lots to look forward to :-)

  5. Oh, you have been going through #*^*, Maria! I'm glad you vented, and I hope things turn around for you. What a good start in the right direction finding our a granddaughter's on the way. So happy for you and your family!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband as you await the pathology results for his jaw. You deserve more good news, that's for sure!

    1. Thank you for your visit, Laurel. We are slowly getting back to normal and hoping more good news are on the way with my husbands lab results. Take care, Maria

  6. I feel for you and all the chaos, Maria. I've heard people say that we need to think if any of this will be the same a year from now. I hope the possible roof leak and broken dishwasher ( and yes, they are better replaced), will be a memory. And I pray for your husband. Good health is something we can't take for granted and I know how you are worrying.

    Good news...a baby girl! She will learn to bake, sew and decorate along with you...and that's why I so anticipate my two granddaughters growing up with me!!!

    All will work out. And you have your shopping done???? Help!!!

    Jane xxxx Big Hugs

  7. Darling, I hear you!!!! I am in your corner - let me try and help you feel better: In Mid October through all of November I had overnight guests 7 our of 8 weekends. Then hosted Thanksgiving for 16. I have only been sleeping 2-3 hours a night, if that. We had to get a new roof too. Right after getting a new car. Then something weird happened with our wiring so as of right now I don't have my favorite lights working: front porch, art niche and the foyer...I mean, seriously??? And it may be a while b/c hubs insists on doing it himself (long story.) *sigh* MY hubs cracked his tooth and it ended up a full root canal then got infected and the anti-biotics weren't working and he puffed up like a balloon.....two days ago he got on really STRONG meds and is already better. (Hope your hubs feels better each day, I am praying for him.)

    And I am sad to say that I still have all the Thanksgiving/Fall stuff up. So see? You aren't alone. Blogging I miss so much I can't even think about it. I am tired and part of me kinda doesn't even want to this year. This is the first year in over 20 years I haven't had it all done the day after Thanksgiving!!!! BUT TODAY is the day I get my holiday Big Girl Panties pulled on and get with the program! Baby girls fix everything. :-)

    You are not alone, my friend. Not by a long shot! Hugs and prayers. ♥♥♥

  8. Oh, I feel for you Maria Elena! I couldn't believe it as I read one after another of your troubles. I hope and pray that things are on the turn-around for you now and that your hubby feels better soon with good news on his path report. Congrats on being a grandma-to-a-granddaughter-to-be! What a fun way to find out!


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