Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hello friends.
I hope you are having an excellent week.
In Texas we are enjoying the cooler mornings and temperatures in the 80's  during the day with barely any humidity. This is the best time of the year for us.

And because of that reason, you will understand why I still have porches and outdoor spaces in my mind. 
We are actually enjoying ours now almost daily.
I have been wanting to write this post for a while now, but it just took me a bit to get all the pictures together.

We did start all the upgrades of our back porch three Summer's ago. Yes, it is taking us a long time, but I am proud to say, we have done all the work ourselves little by little. And we are not finished yet, but getting there slowly.

Now, I warn you, this is a long post! :)
Eight years ago, when we moved into our new home, this is what our back yard and porch looked like.

And this is where we are today.

 The back of our home has a top and bottom porch.
The roof of the bottom porch was open, so every time it rained the porch got soaked.

We had to figure out how to resolve that problem, before closing off the porch roof. 
My husband, being the smart man he is, invented a system that directs all the rain water right into the gutter.
He worked on it all Summer. And he did good! 
In three years, we never had a leak.

After that problem was resolved, we added new trim in between both porches and closed the roof of the bottom porch using bead board.
It took us weeks to get it all painted in triple digit weather.
The heat was brutal!

Soon after, we installed tile on the porch floor.
That project only took us a long holiday weekend.

And added some pretty outdoor ceiling fans.

We have been enjoying our back porch for a long while now and even if it is raining, we can seat outside without getting wet.

The next Spring we started building the deck.
Let me tell you, that was a job!

After six months of non stop building, we spent a full weekend on our knees filling up all the thousands of screw holes and we rented an industrial sander to prepare the deck for staining.

This is the stain we used. It was easy to apply, but a lot of work.

Last October, during the long Columbus Day weekend, we got all our children together and put everyone to work in helping to stain our new deck.
Even baby J. gave us a hand. LOL
I can't believe how little he was then.

And after three days of non stop work, we had a new and shiny deck.

But it didn't end there.
During the winter months, my husband spent many, many hours in his shop building the post and railings for the deck.
And this last Spring it all started to come together.

We painted the post and side railings in the same original color as the siding of our home and the top railings the same color as the deck floor.
At that time, we also added a pergola to create our outdoor eating area.

After that, I worked on creating a seating area on the lower level of the deck.

 I purchased a new outdoor rug.

And I painted all our old chairs using oil rubbed bronze.

I also bought new chair cushions from Lowe's and added a fresh coat of paint on our old small tables.

And that is what we have been able to accomplish so far.

We still have a lot more work ahead of us.
We need to finish painting the step raisers and next Spring we will be starting to build an outdoor kitchen.

 Sometimes it is amazing to me that we have done all this work ourselves. Here is a before and after.

And just this past weekend, we made some changes to the porch area. I will share that with you all soon.
And that is it for today! What do you think?
I hope you enjoyed this tour of our outdoor space.
 I know you probably thought this post was going to go on forever. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by.
See you all soon!



  1. OMG, your outdooor space is just a dream!Can't imagine all the BEFORE! Amazing job !

  2. You have done such an amazing job on your outdoor space - I absolutely love it!!

  3. Oh wow, this whole area is amazing. I love it all and would love to have something like it.

  4. hello, maria elena...thank you for sharing this herculean is gorgeous...adds living space and increased value to your beautiful home...such a talented and hard-working family you are...and your grandson has many mentors, much love and memories to make...bless you, all...take care...sally

    1. Thank you, Sally! We have worked so hard, but so worth it. Now we are enjoying the space every chance we get. And our little grandson sure loves running around the deck. :) Take care, Maria

  5. You guys have done an incredible job with all of this. I love the water drainage system idea- great idea!

  6. I can't believe how much work y'all have done! You've really accomplished a lot. It's like you have several more rooms to your house. Love it!

  7. What an absolutely fabulous space. You have a great eye for design, both inside the house and out! Enjoy the weather! :)

  8. Wow! That looks amazing! What a beautiful place for the family to gather! Your husband is very talented in woodworking and you get the fun of decorating! I can't wait to see what else you have planned!

    1. Thank you so much, Pam! Have a wonderful weekend. Maria

  9. Gorgeous work! Love the additions.

    1. Thank you, Kathy! It has been a lot of work, but worth it. We are getting there slowly. Enjoy your Sunday! Maria

  10. It looks amazing!!! Your made perfect choice in colors. A great work done to be enjoyed for many years to come.

  11. What a handy husband you have and together, you make a great team! I loved seeing all the pics and reading how you accomplished so much bit by bit - your dedication and perseverance has definitely paid off. Your improvements and new outdoor areas look fantastic! When you get your outdoor kitchen done, it will definitely be the "icing on the cake". Be sure to take time to relax and enjoy all you've accomplished so far - you deserve it!

  12. It is all gorgeous. What a lovely transformation. All of that hard work and dedication has paid off. Kudos to your husband and yourself in a great job. Love the pops of color. Truly a space you can enjoy year round.


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