Thursday, May 23, 2013


Good morning!
What a fabulous party we had this week! 
Thank you all who participated! You guys are the best!

As I continue my "craft room saga" :) I am almost done with putting together a little sitting area when I can sit to sew or just have a little "time out" during those crazy days I have been having lately. 
Perfect spot to sit down and look through my favorite magazines

The whole thing is taking me forever to put together because I am making everything as I go along.
I had this little round table, so I made a skirt for it with left over fabric and added a lace topper I already had.

For table decor I used the cloche I made a couple of months ago, a Campodimonte porcelain rose, a vase with branches to which I added some little red and white flowers and a picture of my Mom to keep me company while I am crafting.
Isn't she pretty? She turned 70 years old this year. I hope I look that good when I get to be her age. :)

 Next to the table I have a crate that holds some of my magazines.
My husband added wheels to it, to make it easier to move around.

I am making a stenciled pillow for the chair right now. I will share that project soon.

Once again, thank you all who took the time to participate in this week's party or just stopped by for a visit.
I appreciate it all of you!
I will be back tomorrow with the features from Tuesdays at Our Home #11.

See you soon!



  1. what a sweet little corner Elena! Perfect for your space and you!

  2. All of that red tickles my fancy! Is that your dear Mom in the photo?
    xo Kris

  3. This is a perfect space to relax in! So cherry and bright with all your inspiration around you! I love the picture of your mom, she's very pretty! Also noticed you have HGTV favorite!!


  4. Love the colors you used in this fresh and cheerful!

  5. How pretty! I love the red and white fresh color scheme. Looks so cozy!

  6. Cada detalle me gusta mas su lindo taller M Elena , linda combinación de rojo y blanco

  7. I'm a little bit dizzy from all you've accomplished in the past couple of weeks. You are the most prolific blogger I know! You redid your front porch, finished your craft room, are making a work shop, started an Etsy shop, and all the while putting on a weekly link party. Holy Moly, Maria Elena, I don't think you ever sleep! You impress and inspire me. By the way, I love the intricate design of your stenciled pillow. So pretty!


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