Monday, January 21, 2013


Good morning!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
 For us is not over yet. 
My family is off from work and school today and we are in the middle of finishing a project involving a little bit of tile. 
I will be ready to show you all soon.

In this new year, I have been trying to light up things a bit around the house by adding some lighter fabrics, 
specially in the kitchen. So far, we added cream linen end chairs to our breakfast area, I made a new light burlap runner for the island  and I am in the process of making new curtains for the kitchen window.

It has crossed my mind to paint the kitchen cabinets, but I don't know if I am brave enough to do so. After all, these are expensive cherry cabinets and only four years old and when I told my husband what I was thinking, 
I think he had a small silent stroke! LOL 

In the process of doing this, I came across a beautiful birdcage. 
It is pretty large, but I knew I would find a place for it in our home. 
It was on sale, plus an extra 25% off, so I only paid $20.00 for it.

One thing you don't know about me is that I love, love birdcages! 
I only own a few and that is because I try to control myself. :)

Ok, enough chit-chat!
Here is the new look of our breakfast area and birdcage.

 I added some little birds I already had and tiny birdhouses.

And, next to it, on the window seat, I added a pillow and the largest vase of the set. The smaller one is sitting on my island. On the small table, I put back the cake stand with the faux bread and cheese I always keep there.

And that is it for today! 
Have a great Monday and thank you for visiting.

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  1. Those are very pretty my dear. I love them. Thanks for sharing and happy Monday to you.

  2. What a beautiful bird cage, Maria Elena! I have a couple myself. I love your cabinets! I think you are doing just fine by bringing in light colored accessories. I remember before we had moved, I told my husband I wanted to paint our oak kitchen cabinets white and he was very definite in his "no". Ours were 20 years old though and I was so tired of the oak. If we hadn't moved, I would have kept at him. : )

  3. That birdcage is fabulous. What a wonderful find. I love it, and it really looks perfect on the window seat. Such a beautiful room. Hugs, Marty

  4. Beautiful bird cage, Maria Elena! Your cabinets look great, they are not the "cheapy" oak builder grade that we all are painting! I love your kitchen.

  5. Just love your decorating. Will you share where you found your linen nailhead chairs...They are beautiful!

  6. The birdcage is just beautiful and a wonderful accent for your window seat! The vase is very pretty also and they compliment each other. Sounds like you have exciting changes going on in your kitchen...can't wait to see them. My hubby would be like yours if I thought of painting those pretty cabinets. I love cherry, even though the trend is lightening up our cabinetry, maybe that will be changing soon?


  7. Maria Elena- It looks absolutely beautiful. I love the new chairs. I LOVE birdcages, too. I always have-even as a kid- xo Diana

  8. I love your new birdcage ... what a beautiful size! And, it looks fabulous on your bench! Your breakfast area is fabulous, as always, as is the rest of your amazing kitchen! And, you're sweet to consider your husband's feeling when it comes to painting cabinets ... my poor husband's vote didn't count ... oops!

  9. Your bird cages are so fun! I've been looking for one to go on top of an empty shelf. We recently painted our kitchen cabinets and I am still in the process of working on some in the joining family room. It is a lot of work.. but well worth it. Lots of primer and lots of paint. It's oil based paint and so you have to deal with the fumes. I'm having to keep a window open and it's 33 degrees out! We had professionals spray the doors of the cabinets. They made a tent in our garage .. huge process and takes a couple days. All said and done, we are very pleased. I posted a few pictures last month on my blog.


  10. So pretty. I love the birdcage! I also noticed your deep window ledges. I love those, and how you can draw the drapes on them. Such a pretty house!

  11. love your bird cages! I to have a love for bird cages! They look so pretty in your breakfast area!

  12. OK, so WHERE did you find that FABULOUS birdcage???? I love it. The bottles are great too! Love your kitchen. XO, pinky

  13. Maria Elena you have very beautiful breakfast nook and that bird cage looks so lovely there.

  14. What a fresh and spacious dining room. My dream will come true if my dining is a nice as your §:-)

    Seems your into Spring mood soon...

    Happy TTT and enjoy your week ahead.

    Greetings from a freezing Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  15. Your birdcages are wonderful and I love your window seat in fact, I love it all!
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love the new birdcage, and it's perfect in your lovely breakfast room!

  17. Really pretty! Come link up to centerpiece Wed and share your post.

  18. Gorgeous! You totally made the right decision not to paint the cabinets. Love these birdcages!

  19. Hi Maria Elena, I too adore bircages. Especially my vintage ones! Yours look so lovely in your nook. I hear about the cupboards. I have beautiful alder cupboards. When I told hubby I wanted to paint the island and fan hood, aqua he just about died. He said, "cover up that beautiful wood?". I said, it's too much wood for me! I did it and love it. He likes it too, but the cupboards would be a different story. Don't dare venture there. lol! Have to settle with going with white cupboards in our basement finish. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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