Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hi, everyone!
I have been meaning to share this great find with you, but it seems lately, 
there is just no time for anything!
Life has sure been busy, busy! 
I feel like this year is going by so fast!

Some time at the beginning of September, while looking for some 
Fall flowers at Garden Ridge, we came across  these beautiful planters 
while they were having their Summer clearance.

I have been wanting some for a while now, but they can be pricey.

 Imagine my surprise when I stopped to look at them and I saw 
the red line across the ticket.
For those of you that are not familiar with Garden ridge, the red line
means the item is 75% off.
We ended up paying $6.24 for each one of them! 
Now, that is my kind of sale! :) Four planters for the price of one!
They even came with their own hardware.

 Do you remember the balcony upstairs off the Mater bedroom?

 We have been trying to make it a nice outdoor space little by little and
that is where I want to add my new planters.

 So far, I just added some metal decor pieces and we also installed
the bars for outdoor curtains.
Now, that was another project! LOL
My husband had to make the bars himself from metal rods, because the porch is so long,
we just could not find any bars long enough.
We painted them with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

I still have to make the curtains.
I guess it is going to be a loong winter for me! :)

 For now, I will keep them in storage.
Come next Spring, I hope to make them look like this.
What do you think?


 Well, that is it for today.
After the long holiday weekend, I am trying to play catch up today.
I have another project to share that we just finished this past week and
I will do so as soon as I can find a little "me time" :)
Meanwhile, I hope you ladies have a great week and see you soon!


  1. You really got a bargain on those planters. They will look wonderful on your balcony.

  2. What a wonderful deal you got on the planters! They are just beautiful and will look perfect on your gorgeous balcony (what a great view!) Looking forward to your next project!


  3. That is going to be so pretty, Maria Elena! I'm with you, where is the time going? I have so many projects awaiting my attention, so maybe I should get off my blog & get to them......!


  4. Wow! You really scored on this one! I can definitely see them on your balcony...they will be so pretty! I can already imagine how great this space is going to look with your curtains, too!

  5. Great buy! I love Garden Ridge!

  6. How much more lucky could you be? That was a great price for the planters. I usually don't have that kind of good luck. Your deck is going to look fabulous with the curtains and pretty flowers in the planters. ------------- Shannon

  7. Great find on the planters. Beautiful deck and fabulous bedroom.

  8. What a great find/buy Maria Elena! And YES, they will look gorgeous on your balcony!! It sure has been busy around here as well and finding blogging time is hard to come by. Enjoy your day, Gail

  9. Hi Maria Elena! Oh, you got a steal on those planters! They will look so pretty on your balcony! I love seeing your bedroom and your balcony is wonderful.
    Thank you for your kinds words to me today.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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